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It’s Cake-time!

On saturday the 19th of September 2020, we finally had the opportunity to celebrate the founding of our association 3 E’s 4 Africa. On this occasion, our Deputy Chair Johanna Oladeji made us a tasty 3 E’s 4 Africa-cake, and later on assisted our Chair Contimi Kenfack for the cutting of the cake. The exceptional and African buffet was prepared by our Chair and chef Contimi, who later on presented the different dishes he made. The sunny weather made it the perfect day for pictures like our amazing group picture of team 3 E’s 4 Africa wearing the association colors.

We had a fun day filled with a lot of laughter, music, good food and most importantly the opportunity to get to meet each other in real life after all the virtual meetings. Of course we kept our distance and paid special attention to hygiene.

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