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First Project #Namibia

We are happy to finally announce the commencement of our very first project in #Namibia:flagge-na:
The project TACKLING CLIMATE CHANGE IN RURAL NAMIBIA (TCCRN)  AKA “THE NAMIBIAN DRIP ISSUE” taking place at #NUST is our first project as an association and we are more than proud to announce its official start. We have six incredible students and changemakers working on this project with the goal of a sustainable impact in their local community.

The student group will research and identify possible challenges the rural communities of the Oshana region face regarding water security, examine how these are related to climate change and report on those problems. In a next project phase, they will research the best possible solutions to those problems and prepare potential implementation of these together with  the community to help the community adapt to the adverse effects of climate change.
This will not only help raise awareness in the local communities as to how their everyday challenges are related to climate change, but it will also in the long run better equip them to face these and hence adapt to the negative effects of climate change.

We will keep you regularly updated on the progress of the project on Instagram. Also make sure to subscribe to our Youtube Channel to for videos on how the Project is going.To support us and our work, you can donate here!

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