Female Empowerment Conference at the Université des Montagnes in Cameroon

Empowerment articulates two dimensions, that of power, which is the root of the word, and that of the learning process to access it. In both cases, being visible as a role model or seeing people like oneself as a role model is vital. For this reason we partnered with the Cameroon-based organization FOOTPRINT in a single-day conference which brought students from the Université des Montagnes University in Cameroon to learn from and exchange with female speakers active in the environmental and/or climate sector in the country. The aim was to empower young women and girls in Cameroon and equip them with the skills and tools to become self-reliant and to embrace a career path in sustainability-related topics such as environmental science, energy sector, other green jobs and even social entrepreneurship. Key objectives at this event were:
  • To acknowledge and empower women, especially young girls in technical professions and/or environmental related professions.
  • To develop young women’s self-determination, so they can easily embrace this career
  • To activate / Encourage individual emancipation and social transformation
3,000 € - fully financed! 100%
3.000 € 100%
Project progress
Q4 / Q4 100%


  • Country: Cameroon
  • Region: West Region, Bagangté
  • Project abbreviation: CMR-003
  • Project start / project end: June 2022
  • Project budget: FCFA 2,000,000
    (ca. 3.000,00 €, Umrechnungskurs vom 1. Mai 2022)
  • University: Université des Montagnes
  • Local partner: FOOTPRINT
  • Number of students reached 79 (34 women)

The conference

The expert speakers

Elisabeth Mbeng

Founder and President of FOOTPRINT

Dr. Raissa Onanena

Electrical Engineering Researcher and Lecturer

Audrey Lengua

Lawyer and Climate Advocate

The student speakers

Ngounou Morelle
Fouodo Joyce

Douanla Kenni

Douanla Kenni

And further impressions


Primary SDGs

Secondary SDGs