Our Vision

A change in self-perception and external perception towards a new self-confidence, which is shaped by young hope bearers and carriers. Added value through future technology in harmony with the ecological and social environment. Healthy and sustainable national economies at an equal footing with global partners. Perspectives and potential. One thing above all: All this in Africa, for Africa and from Africa - as quickly as possible. That is our vision and with "3 E's" we strive for it.


By promoting and accompanying young African students and doctoral candidates at African universities, perspectives are created in the form of the most sustainable of all forms of support: education! Education is the most powerful tool a person can possess.


Africa is a wonderfully diverse, majestic, and young continent. There is so much potential just waiting to be awakened. For this it needs its own role models who carry the hope. We want to contribute to the empowering process such pioneers on the continent.


The power lies in harmony, and even more in existential relationships such as that between the human being and his environment. Research only has a future if it focuses on it. That is why we only support projects that aim at energy system transformation, adaptation to climate change and combatting climate change resilience.

Our Mission

We enable African students and researchers to participate in research projects related to the development of local and sustainable solutions for energy system transformation, climate change mitigation and adaptation to the consequences of climate change in Africa. In this way, we promote awareness of the above-mentioned thematic priorities, accelerate the application of technical knowledge and the acquisition of important soft skills, and encourage project participants to act as role models for the next generation. In addition, the project experiences and accompanying workshops will raise awareness for sustainability and environmental awareness. Furthermore, through our network we strive to create synergies where possibly none existed.

In all this, the sovereignty of our African partner is always in the foreground. We see ourselves as mediators and companions, not as clients. Therefore, we always prioritize project ideas that are proposed by the African students and researchers, considering local needs and conditions.

In order to integrate our work into the multitude of other measures to establish global equality of opportunity and to make it measurable, we assign our activities and the research work of African students and doctoral candidates to selected Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Our mission makes a direct contribution to SDG#04 "Quality Education", while the research projects further the achievement of SDG#07 "Affordable and Clean Energy", SDG#12 "Responsible Consumption and Production" and SDG#13 "Climate Action".