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4th May 2024 10am - 3pm - RWTH Aachen University, Super C

Join us for the very first African students day which brings together students of the African diaspora in Europe! Connect with other African students, learn form experts from the African diaspora and see how you can create in impact in Africa. Moderator Liz Shoo from WDR and Deutsche Welle And Keynote form Prof. Dr. Gael Pentang

Panel I: African students mobility & the education system in Africa

Prof. Dr. Gael Pentang

Prof. Dr. Gael Pentang is a well-established academic in the field of Cybersecurity at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. With a PhD in Physics from the University of Dusseldorf, Professor Pentang has devoted her recent research to advancing knowledge in the fields of medical Informatics, medical Physics, and information security. She is also recognized for her commitment to inspiring students and empowering young African start-ups to pursue excellence and make a positive impact in their communities.

Dr. Rahab Njeri

Historian, community activist and board member for multiple organizations such as the “African Network for Students and Alumni” and “Postkoloniales Erbe Köln”. She is also the founder of “Kemet Awards for Achievement in African Languages” and currently works as a consultant for developing antiracist and anti-discrimination policies and strategies at the University of Cologne

Virginie Kamche

Expert promoter for migration, diaspora and development. As the founder of the Afrika Netzwerk Bremen association, she is the winner of the Bremen Diversity Award 2019 and was named Woman of the Year 2023 in Bremen.

Dr. Boniface Mabanza

Dr. Boniface Mabanza was born in Congo under Mobutu and completed his doctorate at the University of Münster on the topic of “Justice can only exist for all. Criticism of globalization from an African perspective”. He currently works as coordinator of the Kirchliche Arbeitsstelle Südliches Afrika in the Werkstatt Ökonomie/Heidelberg. Dr. Mabanza is active in numerous networks of the African diaspora in Germany and Europe and has published numerous articles on various Africa-related topics.

Panel II: The role of African students as part of the diaspora in creating impact on their home continent

Julie Ngoya Tshidibu

With extensive training as a leadership & executive coach, and with her passion for personal development Julie Ngoya Tshidibu today is the founder of AFRIKANAH which supports companies with recruiting, employer branding and communication services. She is also the host of the Podcast “Afrikanah” which is a platform that changes the stereotypical narrative of Black people in German-speaking countries and builds bridges.

Armel Djine

Trained electrical and information technician who has been a member of the Dortmund City Council for Bündnis 90/Die Grünen since 2020 making him the first African city councilor in Dortmund. In 2014, he founded the “Verein Kamerunischer Ingenieure und Informatiker (VKII) Ruhrbezirk e.V.” and currently worked as a consultant for the “Verbund der sozialkulturellen Migrantenvereine in Dortmund (VMDO) e.V.”

Contimi Kenfack

Contimi Kenfack is Cameroonian and an Electrical Engineering student at the RWTH Aachen University. He is the founder and Chair of “3 E’s 4 Africa”, an organization which works with African Students on the continent enabling them to create innovative ideas to address climate change. He was recently recognized as the “Student of the Year 2024” by the German University Association and was also named “2024 Young Global Changer Ambassador for Africa” by the Global Solution Initiative, a role he will be serving over the next 2 years.

Leah Watetu Mbuga

Leah Watetu comes from Kenya and is a Masters student at TU Delft, specializing in Transport, Infrastructure, and Logistics. As a board member of the TU Delft African Students Association (TUDASA), she serves as the Events and Communications Officer. Watetu also serves as the Projects and Administrations Officer of the Board of the TU Delft Global Student Club, which aims to connect students in TU Delft to research opportunities in the Global South.

We are looking forward to see you there!

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